Water Bowsers

Our fleet of 2000 litre towable, road legal water bowsers is available for hire anywhere in the UK.
Water Bowsers
Water Bowsers

Our fleet of 2000 litre towable, road-legal water bowsers is available for hire anywhere in the UK. The size and specification of each water bowser make them ideal for deliveries to remote locations or built-up areas where space is at a premium and access doesn’t lend itself to the use of larger vehicles such as water tankers.

Fitted with gravity fed taps, our water bowsers can be used as a temporary water supply, they can also be plumbed (via an electric pump) into drinking water stations or tap stands.
On construction or similar sites, our water bowsers can be plumbed into welfare or catering units.

Water Bowser Delivery

Each water bowser delivery is made using a 4×4 vehicle capable of driving to any location on, or off-road in even the most challenging environments.
The delivery of water from the bowser is made by high capacity petrol powered water pump and lay-flat hose.

Whether you need an emergency water bowser delivered right now, or you are simply looking for a quote, please call 0800 144 8205.

Water Bowser Hire

Our water bowsers can be hired on a daily or weekly basis. If you require a long term water bowser hire, you might want to consider hiring a static water tank, which is a much more cost-effective option.

Water Bowser Security

Each water bowser is equipped with an outer lid, which is lockable using a padlock, or a tamper-evident seal

What is a Water Bowser Good For?
  • Deliveries of small volumes of water
  • Use as water storage in remote areas
  • Water deliveries where access is limited or off-road
  • Rapid, emergency deployment in a water loss situation
  • Cost-effective, short term hire solution

Call us now on 0800 144 8205 for your water bowser quotation.